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Welcome to RHI's Submission form for the 2019 Sociable City Summit in Philalphia at the Westin Hotel on February 24-26. 

Before submitting an application, it is recommended you review RHI's Four Building Blocks of a Sociable City

When you submit your application for a workshop presentation, you will automatically be entered to participate in our awards program. 

Applications can be submitted in one of four categories:

(1) Sociable City Showcase

Candidates must demonstrate excellence in the 3 subsequent categories (Assure Safety, Enhance Vibrancy, Plan for People AND/OR have a formal alliance/commission/board AND/OR a dedicated staff (i.e. night mayor, night manager, night director, etc)

(2) Assure Safety

Topics may include:

  • Reduction in crime and disorder
  • Police deployment and scheduling 
  • Closing time management
  • Use of technology in public space or in venutes (CCTV, Body-warn Cameras, ID Scanners)
  • Formal alliance or association of venues promoting self-regulatory practices to reduce risk
  • Early interventions through an inter-agency compliance team

(3) Enhance Vibrancy

Topics may include:

  • Outdoor vibrancy management (sidewalk cafes, street entertainers, food trucks, vendors)
  • Organized "music city" office, division, task force to support live music and performers
  • Marketing campaigns highlighting music, culinary, craft beverages, culture, diversity, etc. as destination promotion
  • Economic study of sociability and nightlife activity

(4) Plan for People

Topics may include:

  • Management of sound, trash, and/or public urination
  • Nighttime transportation planning - integrating e-hail, taxi, public transit, bike system for the night
  • Public restrooms open and maintained in the evening and late-night
  • Maintaining an optimal balance of sociability uses at different times of day
  • Working with residents and businesses to achieve a high quality of life
  • Parking management for efficiency and security

Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate innovation in nightlife planning, management or public safety
  • Offer proof of success (through quantitative data or qualitative analysis) 
  • Register for the event (reduced speaker rate will be provided to candidates whose presentations are selected (only one per team)) 
  • Pay for own travel and lodging 

Please note: applications selected for a presentation do not necessarily receive an award. 

Award recipients will be announced on-site at the event.