Thanks for your interest in submitting a proposal for RHI events. This is your opportunity to share your success and gather important feedback for future program development.
Welcome to RHI's submission process for our 2018 Leadership Summit, which will take place in New Orleans on February 17-20, 2018.

When you submit your application for a workshop presentation, you will automatically be entered to participate in our awards program. 

Applications can be submitted in one of four categories:
(1) Sociable City Showcase.
Candidates must demonstrate excellence in the 3 subsequent categories (Assure Safety, Enhance Vibrancy, Plan for People AND Build Alliances with diverse stakeholder groups)

(2) Assure Safety. 
Topics may include:
  • Reduction in crime and disorder
  • Police deployment and scheduling 
  • Closing time management
  • Partnering with a nightlife association 
  • Early interventions through an inter-agency compliance team
(3) Enhance Vibrancy
Topics may include:
  • Outdoor vibrancy management (sidewalk cafes, street entertainers, food trucks, vendors)
  • Supporting live music and performers
(4) Plan for People
Topics may include:
  • Management of sound, trash, and/or public urination
  • Nighttime transportation planning
  • Maintaining an optimal balance of sociability uses at different times of day
  • Working with residents and businesses to achieve a high quality of life
Candidates must meet the following criteria:
  • Demonstrate innovation in nightlife planning, management or policing
  • Offer proof of success (through quantitative data or qualitative analysis) 
  • Register for the event (reduced speaker rate will be provided to candidates whose presentations are selected) 
  • Pay for own travel and lodging 
Please note: applications selected for a presentation do not necessarily receive an award.
Award recipients will be announced on-site at the event.